Storage Period of goods

Please note: Free warehousing time will be reduced from 180 days to 90 days. This regulation will come into effect on June 1, 2024.

1.For purchasing and forwarding orders, the storage period is 180 days, starting from the \"In Warehouse\" status of the order. You will receive system messages as reminders when the expiration is approaching. However, if no package shipping information is submitted or no feedback is provided within 180 days, the items will be considered abandoned. We will uniformly handle overdue items with destruction.

2.The storage period for abnormal parcels (parcels received by the warehouse or parcels with incomplete logistics information) is 30 days, starting from the \"Received\" status of the order. Since these parcels cannot be matched with related orders or users, no reminders can be issued. If the storage period expires, CSSBuy will consider the storage as abandoned and proceed with destruction.

3.If the free storage period expires and you still need to continue storing items, please purchase storage extension services. The current storage fee is 15 RMB/month per ID\'s items.

Additional details:

During the storage period, CSSBuy is responsible for safekeeping the items and assumes corresponding responsibilities. However, the storage does not cover the shelf life of items (e.g., perishable goods with a shelf life of only one month).

No further notices or alerts will be given for items that have been destroyed.

To prevent item destruction, please ensure that you submit your packages within the valid storage period. Thank you for your understanding and support!