Where to Select Products?

Select Products

Where can I go for online shopping:

You can proceed to any China E-shopping websites for online shopping. Such as Tao Bao, Dang Dang, Joyo Amazon, etc.

The Internet Auction in TaoBao:

If you like the auction item on TaoBao, you can authorize SGshop to auction it for you. Use “Express” to capture the product information and you can modify the price manually to state your highest bidding. After you submit the order and confirm the payment, SGshop will auction the item on your behalf. SGshop will inform you the auction progress through email or phone call, so you won’t be troubled by the tedious procedures.

Pros: TaoBao products have lower prices and SGshop auction service can save your time and energy. You will get the full refund from SGshop if auction failed.

Cons: You need to analyze the product quality and the merchant’s reliability on your own. The delivery time depends on the merchants. There’s no guarantee about the return and refund.