CSSBuy Service Review Promotion

Share your experience using our service. The more the impressions and referrals you make, the more credit we can give you. Submit the details to us and we'll determine how much credit we'll add to your account! You can also refer your friends and get commission from what they bought! What are you waiting for? Review now!

  • We check data two weeks after the posting date.
  • You are subject to a “one parcel one review policy”.
  • Here are the new formulas to calculate the reward! Reddit: 10+1.5 yuan per upvoteTikTok: 15+4 yuan per 1000 viewsYouTube: 10+25 yuan per 1000 views*Please note: 1. Signed-up promoters cannot participate in this activity.2. Only parcels submitted within the last 3 months are acceptable.

Users Who Already Won:

Share your shopping experience on social media, everyone can make an amazing influencer!


How can I win rewards?

1) Purchase and ship out a haul with CSSBuy and take pictures or videos of it after it arrives!

2) Make a post on social media platforms and share your haul. Make sure to make it detailed and organised in order to maximise your reward. Include the item review, the agent review, and the shipping price/duration for best results.

3) Submit your review link in this page and make sure the exclusive code that we give you is written in the comments.

4) CSSBuy will analyse your review manually and add your rewards!

How does CSSBuy verify the review?

Make sure you post your review with passion. Our staff really like it when we see the hard work done by some reviewers, and it simultaneously helps you gain much more views & likes! If you post the same review on multiple platforms, make sure you only submit the best one. That is because we have a one-review per parcel policy.

We will check your post within 72-96 hours after you submit it to make sure that the views and likes have been saturated and to give you enough time to attract users. We will also check whether your exclusive code is written in the comments, otherwise, a reward cannot be given. This is to prevent identity theft and imitations.

The exact formula on how we calculate the reward is private, please refrain from asking our staff about it.

How big can my reward be?

Depending on how your review performs in the platform, we can give you a cash reward of up to 100% of your parcel value (sum of orders + shipping). Keep in mind, if your review is deleted intentionally within 90 days of the reward, then we have the right to exclude you from future rewards.

If the reviews you have posted include other agents, or they are insufficient, then we have to unfortunately reject it. If you only post QC pictures without any sort of in-hand review, we can offer a low reward of up to 2 USD.