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    1688 Shopping Agent Service
    Source Products At Your Fingertips

Advantage Of 1688

Abundant choices

Biggest online trading platform worldwide. Almost all of Chinese Factories are based here

Direct from manufacturers

Straight from the factories and manufacturers means lower prices. No extra costs from middlemen or re-sellers

Safety guaranteed

Payments and Quality Assurance from Large Trustworthy Platform

1688 Things to Note

Check the threshold and rules

If your order quantity does not meet the minimum requirement of the seller, CSSBuy will mark your order as invalid and you will need to place a new order.

Compare, Choose The Best Deal

Shop around and find the product with best price and quality through comparison. Surely, you can always consult CSSBuy, we are happy to give you reasonable advice.

Choose “TrustPass” Sellers

“TrustPass” sellers are more reliable in terms of quality and return/exchange service. Please consult CSSBuy if you can not tell whether a seller has “TrustPass”.

Final arrangements matters

Remember to settle the rules of returns and exchanges with your seller and clarify things like under what circumstances you can return or exchange the products.