Cssbuy Services

         Our service literally means “shop on your behalf”, simply stands for get someone to help you purchase the items for you. We act as your purchasing agent to help you buy the goods from overseas through modern information platform and perfect logistics system in order to eliminate your oversea shopping troubles in transport and Customs.

        By www.cssbuy.com, you can search for products in any Chinese E-shopping site. And you can pay by Foreign exchange payments instead of RMB. Chinese goods are all within your hands by our absolutely efficient and convenient service.

The benefits of using www.cssbuy.com Shopping:
        A.You can purchase Chinese goods online limitlessly;
        B.You can use the dollars, the euros and all kinds of currency in circulation.
        C.You can receive your goods in 10 working days;
        D.We have the perfect Return/ Exchange policies to ensure your interests;
        E.You can get professional services from our www.cssbuy.com customer service team; our customer service team will answer your question and solve your concern about any problem occurs during shopping in China.

In what circumstances,they choose to purchase?
        A.If you are accustomed to using the domestic products, services, or prefer a particular brand of goods and you can not buy them from abroad, you can entrust us to help you.
        B.Professional materials, books (especially the Chinese version) or equipment. For example, some universities or research institutions need to buy some very specialized books or softwares, They do not have purchasing channels abroad, but can search the product information in the domestic site.
        C.Cutting-edge fashion: always grasp the domestic prevalence, Rayli apparel, pop music, star posters, etc.
        D.The price advantages: because of low domestic labor, lower production costs, most of the price of goods is much lower.At the same time, www.cssbuy.com customer service team design the unique saving money shopping patterns for customers.
        E.The clothing size advantages: generally, foreign clothing sizes are larger, and do not meet the body of the Oriental.But they can buy  their favorite clothing styles and the right size clothing in the domestic site.
        F.Entrust us to buy the items that auctioned in Chinese E-shopping websites, such as Taobao and eBay.
        G.Entrust us to buy gifts for the domestic relatives and friends: just need to write the names and addresses of the re  latives and friends on the consignee and the address bar. This service can be applied to the relatives and friends overseas. But the delivery price needs individual recognition.