Create an order

        1. Choose the product
        If you choose from “Cssbuy Recommended”, click the product picture for detailed information. If it takes what you need, then click “Purchase” and using “Express” function to acquire product information. You can modify the “Quantity” and fill up the “Product Memo”.
        If you choose the product from other Chinese shopping websites, please enter “My Cssbuy” ,then click “Purchase” and using “Express” function to acquire product information. You can modify the “Quantity” and fill up the “Product Memo”.
        1) For the goods with different colors and sizes, please make sure to indicate your desired color and size in the “Product Memo”, so we can process your order immediately.
        2) For the merchant’s redemption products, please confirm the corresponding requirement before purchase, and then make the order after confirmation.
        3) For the case of overweight items or postage incomplete products, we will contact you to re-confirm your order. So it is recommended to check your order status after placing the order.
        2. Enter “My Shopping Cart”
        You can view your submitted goods in “My Shopping Cart”, choose the goods you want and click “Submit Order”. After receiving the payment success message, we will purchase the items for you immediately. If your RMB account balance is insufficient, the system will prompt you to recharge.
        3.    Enter “My Parcel”
        You can arrange the deployment according to the weight of goods. In addition, we provide a variety of modes of transport, you can select your desired method according to the needs.
        Need to remind that EMS and China post air mail in the freight comparative table are calculated according to the Post Office International Civil parcel standard. If your goods exceed the length of 150cm, your consignment will be unable to select EMS and AIR delivery.
        When you select the DHL shipping method, it may have the extra freight with your large product in size. Cssbuy staff will contact you to confirm.
        4. The means of transportation
        Then select your delivery method. (DHL shipping transport – 2 to 7 working days; EMS shipping – 7 to 12working days; China post air mail– 10 to 20 working days)
        5. confirm the waybill
        After confirmation of the above items, click "Next" to fill in the waybill information. Please note that the information is correct, so that we can contact you in a timely manner.