Alipay recharge,Chinese bank CNY/RMB transfer recharge

This service helps you to exchange the USD in your local bank to CNY/RMB in Chinese bank, alipay account. 

When you may need this service? 

1. If you have alipay account and want to buy item from Chinese website yourself. 

2. If you have bank account in China, you want CNY transfered to your Chinese bank account. 

3. You don't have any account in China. But you want to pay to Chinese seller/factory's account directly via CNY/RMB 

How to use our service? 

1. You must sign up in our website:

2. You must recharge via wire transfer,webmoney or western-U (balance recharged from paypal will not be able to use this service) in our website so you have enough balance in our website. 

3. Go to member center and click the rechage agent to submit the alipay or Chinese bank account and amount information that you want us to transfer or recharge. Service fee: 5 + 1% of total amount

Note:If you have used paypal to recharge account, please contact us ,we need check first